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Current Career Goals

Think Forward


As we begin our journey through automated testing, focusing on the "big picture" and the goals we wish to achieve from automated testing need to be defined up front. Creating small milestones to meet will enable us to create building blocks and allow us to fulfill the "big picture" successfully.

Thinking about what we define today and how it will be supported in the future will enable the success as we move forward with implementation.

Driving automated testing into the SDLC will enable quality with speed to market. It will give transparency with the business and enable them to make appropriate strategic decisions with data so that our customers can continue to have a great experience.

Develop People


As Software Quality continues to grow and evolve, developing people with the right skillsets to support the changes will be important. A plan to get a baseline of people's skills and then a plan for developing their skills with identified opportunities, will get each person on the right path to be successful in their career's. It will also give them more opportunities for career growth within IT. Allowing them an opportunity to move into software development if they wish.

Be Positive


As Software Quality changes being positive as a leader will help the team embrace the change positively too. Guiding the team through change, listening to their concerns, and providing the support they need will be imperative to its success. Being positive about the changes and helping the team understand its benefits will benefit the team and ultimately keep the teams spirits positive. Celebrating small victories the team accomplishes will drive positivity as well. Remembering that the small milestones we complete will ultimately allow us to achieve the bigger goal.