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Marketing Technology

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Software Quality

Career Highlights
Quality with Speed to Market

Led shifting team from manual to automated testing within all areas of the business that Software Quality supports so that it was built into the developments release pipelines in order to support CI\CD. 

Submitted business proposal to convert 12 contractors to direct hires, saving Wegmans over 500k annually to support the growth of automated testing.

View the journey I led to automated testing!

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Customer Data Platform 

Led implementation (and partnerships between Marketing, IT, and Adobe) of a Customer Data Platform in 90 days which centralizes customer data so the business can build out digital customer experiences through an onmi-channel real-time solution.

Continuing to innovate new digital personalized customer solutions which help our customers with their shopping needs.

Recent Work Highlights:

Morning Newsbeat Highlights Personalized Holiday Email 

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IT  Operations

Providing Incredible Customer Service

Led process improvements to resolve customer calls more efficiently and creating processes for our development teams to share production changes with the team to ensure the team was aware of new software updates to enhance our customer support.


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Software Development


Led development of Wegmans first mobile/desktop application to give customers an eCommerce solution to expand their shopping experience from in-store to online.


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