IT  Support


ITSS Team Leader

Critical Incident Coordinator

Being in support gave me the ability to see all of the software we support within our organization.

Being in a position in the support center after software is released into production allowed me to see software support in a different lens than what I was used to doing as a developer.

The support center allowed me to learn how to coordinate teams within IT to find resolution as quickly as possible to ensure downtime was minimal. I was no longer a single contributor solving a problem. I now had to lead developers from all areas to find resolution to the issues.

Business Achievement
Providing Incredible Customer Service

At Wegmans we strive for incredible customer services. Managing the help desk team, gave me an opportunity to provide my employees tools to help them resolve customers issues quickly. Our goal was to resolve issues as a team 85% of the time the customer first called in (FCR or first call resolution).  My team achieved this goal due to some process improvements made.

The first process improvement was creating a single source location where the team could communicate known issues and resolutions. This helped people coming in on different shifts when answering calls as soon as their shift started. It also helped when some folks answered calls from home and weren't in the support center to know or hear what was going on immediately.

The second process improvement was working with development to begin a turnover process to my team when new features\technology were being released to production and our customers. This helped educate the team on the software and allowed them to ask questions on how to support the customer when calls came in. It also gave us the ability to review documentation beforehand so we could make improvements if needed to help with support.

Career Goals Achieved

Customer Solutions Focus

Managing the first level team within our support center gave me the opportunity to implement chat messaging as a new channel of communication to report issues.
Giving customers the ability to report issues through chat allowed customers who didn't have access to a phone or time to call in, an easy and effective way to report problems through an additional avenue.

Managing Others

This opportunity gave me experience on managing others.
I learned how to work on people development with their careers.
I learned how have managerial courage and have difficult conversations.
I learned how to manage change within my team when we introduced chat messaging into our group.

Process Improvement

Using my technical background I turned reports that were manually calculated and emailed into reports that were calculated through an automated process within our support tool. This gave me more free time to focus on people and priority work within my job.