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Software Development


Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Wegmans Mobile Application

Application which gave customers the ability build shopping lists that they could use during in-store shopping.


Customers past purchase data allowed them to easily build lists based on their purchase history.

An estimated total was provided to the customer so they had a general idea of what they would be spending.


While in-store the application gave customers a walk path and aisle location where the product could be found with a picture of the product.

Business Achievement

Led development of Wegmans first mobile/desktop application to give customers an eCommerce solution to expand their shopping experience from in-store to online.


Ultimately, the Wegmans Mobile Application opened the door to eCommerce as a way for customers to shop online when we implemented personal shopping shortly after the initial release of the app.

Software Development of
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Customer Past Purchases (receipts)
  • Search Products, Recipes, & Purchases
  • Stores
  • Customer Accounts
  • Recipe and Product Ratings and Reviews
  • Shopping List
  • Customer Saved Recipes
Career Goals Achieved




The team was given three weeks to complete all development tasks on the APIs so that front-end integration  could be achieved within thirty days.
The team met the deadline successfully.


As the Senior Developer:
  • Ensured all development tasks were assigned and completed on time
  • Removed any roadblocks or barriers for the team




  • Ensured teams code integrated properly into the front-end development with the vendor team we partnered with
  • Answered vendor questions and led trouble shooting any issues found within the APIs to ensure the front end vendor was successful
  • Ensured internal work needed to support the API infrastructure was in place with teams such as database, servers, etc.






  • Worked at the store during our launch to help customers with any questions\issues they had with the new mobile application
  • Insight to improve the application happened as I had first hand interaction with our customers
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