Wegmans has been a sponsor for WiCHacks since 2018.

WiCHacks is an all-female and non-binary 24-hour hackathon hosted by Women in Computing at RIT. A hackathon is a collaborative programming event in which participants create an app, website, game, or other piece of software over the course of the event.

This event is open to all skill levels: from students who haven't programmed at all, to the best programmers out there, it will be a great day to learn, invent, and create the future!


When Wegmans asked me to volunteer for the WiChacks event that they sponsor, I was happy to oblige. To assist and be part of an event where other females aspire to go into technology is an honor.

Learn more at https://wichacks.io/

Going to college and being one of two females who graduated with Computer Science in a Software Development track has made me a supporter of other females who have a similar passion for technology.

In 2020 I lead organizing the event for Wegmans as being a sponsor. I gathered volunteers, judges, swag, and prizes for the event.

In 2019 I attended a dinner where students could ask questions about my field and career.

In 2018 I gave a speech at the Tech Talk to talk about technology Wegmans was building for their customer's. 

Speaking to other women who are ambitious, driven, and have a love for tech like me is an honor. My hope is that my stories and experiences will have them continue to pursue their passions and love for technology as a career so that one day they can speak to young women like themselves with their success stories.