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2021 - Present

Marketing Technology Manager

Real Time Personalized Activation

As customer needs change, Wegmans must change with them.

Customers want the Wegmans brand to connect with them and know their needs in a personalized way.


Moving to real-time digital activation was necessary so that we can connect with our customers at the right time and with content that they can connect with.

Recent Work Highlights:

Morning Newsbeat Highlights Personalized Holiday Email 

Video  Highlight at:


Business Achievement
Customer Data Platform 

Led implementation (and partnerships between Marketing, IT, and Adobe) of a Customer Data Platform in 90 days which centralizes customer data so the business can build out digital customer experiences through an onmi-channel real-time solution.

Continuing to innovate new digital personalized customer solutions which help our customers with their shopping needs.




  • Implemented a Customer Data Platform to launch successfully in 90 days
  • Upskill team to learn new technologies within our Customer Data Platform
  • Partnering with marketing groups on process change and using new technology to do their work
  • Frequent feedback meetings were held to ensure the process was working or needed to shift
Career Goals Achieved






  • Helped team manage work in ADO Kanban board to measure capacity planning and volume of work
  • Implemented process changes between IT and Marketing to manage work effectively across departments
  • Implemented a way to securely store credentials for all marketing tools
  • Instantiated new QA practices wthin team as well as partnered with IT to automate testing and find issues



  • Gained teams buy-in to shift to managing work on a Kanban board
  • Helping the business understand the CDP's capabilities so we can implement new and helpful customer digital experiences
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