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Software Quality

2016 - 2021

Software Quality Manager

Manual to Automated Testing

As our organization continues to grow we want to ensure that we can increase our speed to market while still delivering quality.

When I joined the team we had frequent releases of software, but not enough time to get the test coverage and still deliver quality.

I had a unique opportunity to use my technical background and I formulated a plan and strategy to bring automated testing into our team.

View the journey I led to automated testing!

Business Achievement
Quality with Speed to Market

Led shifting team from manual to automated testing within all areas of the business that Software Quality supports so that it was built into the developments release pipelines in order to support CI\CD. 

Submitted business proposal to convert 12 contractors to direct hires, saving Wegmans over 500k annually to support the growth of automated testing.

Career Goals Achieved




Created a strategic plan to move automation into the IT department.
The plan included:
  • Educating current team to learn to skills to automate
  • Embedding QA into Software Development teams
  • Partnering with HR to define new roles within the team to support automation
  • Partnering with internal IT teams to move continuous testing into developments release pipeline
  • Defined new standards, best practices, and process to testing in regards to automation
  • Defined metrics to continuously improve quality
  • Created a rollout plan to bring automated testing into areas in IT supported by the team
  • Identified, proposed and executed a cost savings opportunity to save the company over 500k annually to bring automated testing skillset in-house

  • Took the team from 7 resources to 25 to meet the need of the business

  • Reorganized the team to support the new scale of resources




  • Frequent meetings with team members to ensure they had the support through skills\training to do the job successfully
  • Frequent check-ins to ensure that the appropriate standards and process defined were being followed
  • Partnering with development and ensuring the process defined would integrate into their release pipelines
  • Communication to management with state of change
  • Frequent feedback meetings were held to ensure the process was working or needed to shift






  • Shifting team from supporting projects to being embedded within development ensuring continuous support
  • Defined new process, standards, and best practices\guidelines to support automated testing
  • Defined new tools, languages, and frameworks to support automation within developments release pipelines



  • Gained teams buy-in to shift from manual to automated testing
  • Partnered with HR to define three new Software Quality Engineer due to new skillsets needed to perform the job
    • Software Quality Technician (entry role)

    • Software Quality Engineer (junior role)

    • Software Quality Senior Engineer (senior role)

  • Formulated cost proposal plan to upper management on-board 12 new direct hires to bring automated skillsets in house

    • Saved the company over 500k annually

    • Currently executing the proposal

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