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The Walsh Family
2022 In Review

Drew 3rd Grade.jpg

Drew is in third grade at Jefferson Road Elementary

He enjoys playing baseball and soccer

His favorite football team is the BILLS

Drew enjoys playing video gamesHe is a great big brother to his brother and sister 

He is thoughtful and kind

His favorite food is hotdogs

Morgan is in second grade at Jefferson Road Elementary

She enjoys gymnastics, dancing and singing

Morgan will often be singing a song she made up

Morgan's favorite song is Take On Me

She is the leader of the pack with her brothers

She is generous and caring

Her favorite food is cheeseburgers

Colin K.jpg

Colin is in Kindergarten at Jefferson Road Elementary

He enjoys playing soccer

Colin likes hiding and making jokes to make people laugh

Colin loves stuffies and sleeps with 10 of them. His favorite one is baby yoda

He keeps his brother and sister on their toes

He is warm and loving and often likes to cuddle

His favorite food is quesadillas

We went camping at Jellystone this year

We visited San Francisco and saw the Redwoods and the Golden Gate Bridge

The kids went to their first amusement park, Six Flags and Drew went on his first roller coaster ride!

Drew, Morgan, & Colin learned how to kneeboard

Lisa visited Mexico and saw Elton John

Brian was promoted to Director of Acquisitions

Brian and Lisa learned how to wakeboard

Looking forward to 2023!

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